You can leave a legacy of hope for rural communities and refugees in need. The MediCart’s planned giving program helps you take control of your assets and make sure they’re used to support the causes that are most important to you. You can dedicate your gift to a specific MediCart implementation (i.e. allocated for use with a specific partner organization), to a specific country / geographical region, for a specific purpose (i.e. women’s health) or just for general support of the MediCart Project.

Planned giving, also known as deferred giving, allows you to make a major gift or a commitment to give to the MediCart Project, over time or at death, as part of your overall financial and estate planning.

The MediCart Project is able to accept the following gift types:

Multi-Year Pledge

A multi-year pledge is a commitment between you and the MediCart Project that allows you to make a large gift payable over a number of years, usually two to five. To fulfill the gift, cash, publicly traded securities, or the proceeds of the sale of real property can be gifted. Pledges are paid during the life-time of the donor.


Estate Gifts

An estate gift is a charitable donation that comes from assets left behind upon your passing. You can set up an estate gift by naming MediCart International in your will, establishing a revocable trust, or designating MediCart International as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy, IRA or other financial vehicle, or proceeds of the sale of real property. Your estate gift will have a significant impact on the brain tumor community in the future.

We welcome any discussions you would like to have regarding your financial support of the MediCart Project. To begin the conversation, please email

Before making a gift to the MediCart Project, please consult with your financial, tax, and legal advisors for a thorough analysis of your individual situation and the tax consequences as you make your giving decisions.